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Telling Time Worksheets

writing datesWe have added a whole bunch of new worksheets on learning to tell time to our grade1, grade 2 and grade 3 math worksheet sections.

Here’s where you’ll find them:

Grade 1 Telling Time Worksheets

Units of Time

Elapsed Time – what time will it be in one hour?

Elapsed Time – what time will it be in x hours?

Grade 2 Telling Time Worksheets

Concepts of Time – units of time

Concepts of Time – a.m. & p.m.

Elapsed Time – forward, whole hours

Elapsed Time – forward/backward, whole hours

Elapsed Time – forward, ½ hours

Elapsed Time – forward/backward, ½ hours

Calendar – clock or calendar?

Calendar – days of the week

Calendar – months of the year

Grade 3 Telling Time Worksheets

We’ve added a whole new page for this grade with sections for:

Time phrases

Telling time by 5-minute and 1-minute intervals

Elapsed time by 15-minute, 5-minute and 1-minute intervals

Estimating and rounding time

Converting units of time

Calendars – writing and reading dates on a calendar