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Improved Lists of Spelling Words for Grades 1 to 5

In our spelling worksheets section we have links to printable spelling lists based on grade-level word families. We’ve improved these printable pages, as well as reorganized the pages based on progressing learning of spelling for each grade.

Here’s where you can find these pages:

Grade 1 spelling lists

Grade 2 spelling lists

Grade 3 spelling lists

Grade 4 spelling lists

Grade 5 spelling lists

Let’s take a look at one of the pages.

Grade 3 spelling lists

For grade 3, we start off with a series of sight words lists, and then move onto a series of sound words, such as 'air' sound words or 'sh' sound words. We finish the list with suffix groups of words and vowel consonant vowel (VCV) words, as well as vowel consonant consonant vowel  (VCCV) words.

grade 3 list of spelling words
Each printable page contains eight or nine words that are grade-appropriate for that family of words. For example, the oo family words:

oo sound words for grade 3