4 Simple Machines for Grade 1 Students

In grade 1, students start to learn about simple machines. We’ve created a few worksheets in our grade 1 science section to help students practice the names of, and describe, the different simple machines.

What are simple machines?

A simple machine is a device that make work easier, changing the direction and/or magnitude of a force. They do this by making it easier to push, pull, lift, lower, split objects.

The basic purpose of most simple machines is to reduce the effort (force) required to perform a simple task.


A long piece of metal or wood is used for lifting or opening something by placing one end under the object and pushing down on the other. This simple machine is called to lever.

Examples of simple machines that operate as levers are a seesaw or a crowbar.

lever simple machines


A metal fastener, like a nail, with grooves that wind around is driven into a surface by turning it into that surface. This simple machine is called to screw.

Examples of simple machines that operate as screws are jar lids or a light bulb.

Screw simple machines


A round frame that turns on an axle is pushed or pulled to move an object. This simple machine is called a wheel.

Examples of simple machines that operate as wheels are Ferris wheels, car tires and pizza cutters.

Wheel simplle machines


A piece or wood of metal shaped like a triangle with a thin edge is driven or forced between objects to split, lift or make them stronger. This simple machine is called a wedge.

Examples of simple machines that operate as wedges are axes and knives.

Wedge simple machines

In our grade 1 forces and machines section we have created a few simple machines worksheets for your kids to practice.

4 simple machines

Students are asked to trace the names of the simple machines in a first worksheet, then write the words of the simple machines using a word bank in a second worksheet.

Simple machines for grade 1

Identify simple machines

In these harder worksheets, students are given 6 images of simple machines and are asked to write what kind of simple machine each one is.

write names of simple machines

Nature and machines

The worksheets make students match simple machines to actions that happen in nature.

simple macines and nature