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The Importance of Learning Interjections

In grade 5 students continue to work on their writing skills, creating longer narratives, and sharing their thoughts and experience in more complex ways. One of the areas they work on is making their writing more exciting to read. Interjections help with exactly this. They are words that help express surprise or strong feelings. Examples of interjections are: wow, super or oh.

We’ve created a number of worksheets in our grade 5 grammar section for students to practice interjections.

Identify interjections

In this first set of worksheets, students have to find and underline the interjection in sentences. Then they are asked to read a sentence and write a new interjection for that sentence.
grade 5 find interjections

Writing interjections

Next, students practice re-writing a neutral sentence into a more exciting sentence, using interjections:
grade 5 write interjections

Mild or strong interjections

A third set of worksheets is more advanced.  Students are asked to identify interjections as either mild or strong.

grade 5 mild or strong interjections 

You can find the whole set of interjections worksheets in our parts of speech section for grade 5.