New Short Stories for Grade 4 Students

We have added three fiction and one non-fiction stories to our grade 4 story reading section. All stories come with reading comprehension questions and an answer sheet.

Grade 4 fiction story

Here’s one of our new stories called The Animal Assignment.

The Animal Assignment is a short story about a boy trying to decide what type of animal to be.

Grade 4 story

Grade 4 story

Grade 4 story

Reading comprehension questions

Following the story is a set of reading comprehension questions.

Grade 4 story

Grade 4 story

Answer sheet provided

We also provide answers to the questions.

Grade 4 story

More short stories

We also published these three stories:

Be Careful What You Wish For – a fiction story.

Grade 4 story - careful what you wish for

A Magical Search for Water – a fiction story.

Grade 4 story - a magical search for water

We Also Serve – a non-fiction text.

Grade 4 story - we also serve


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