Narrative Writing Worksheets for Grade 4 Students

Narrative writing worksheets

In our grade 4 grammar and writing section, we have created a new section covering narrative writing to help students develop creative and effective story writing.

Writing hooks

In these worksheets, students practice writing the one or more sentences at the beginning of a story that captures the reader’s attention.

Writing hooks worksheets

Plot structure

In these worksheets, students outline a story plot using the five stages of a story.

Plot structure worksheets

Practice creating settings

These worksheets encourage students to think through the settings of their story.

Creating settings worksheets

Character traits worksheets

Next, we have worksheets for students to think through the characters’ personalities.

Character traits worksheets

Prompts to show and don’t tell

These “show, don’t tell” worksheets has students involve the reader through actions.

Show and do tell prompts worksheets

Practice describing sensory details

Students practice what the characters see, hear, smell, taste and feel in these worksheets.

Sensory details worksheets

Descriptive writing prompts

Student practice writing detailed and vivid description of the scene of their story using these worksheets.

Descriptive writing prompts worksheets

Small moments writing practice

Following from the previous descriptive writing worksheets, these ones ask student to practice writing descriptively about the small moments in their lives.

Writing about small moments worksheets

Practice point of view

These worksheets has students focus on writing in the first, second and third person.

Point of view worksheets

Personal narrative writing

These worksheets are graphic organizers for students to use in writing a personal narrative.

Personal narrative writing worksheets

Narrative writing practice

These graphic organizers help students to plan their characters, setting and plot.

Narrative writing practice worksheets

Narrative writing prompts

The last section covers writing prompts for popular topics for students to practice writing a story.

Narrative writing prompts worksheets


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