Position Worksheets for Kids in Kindergarten

A child needs to understand positional words for their knowledge of space and location. The application of space and location carries across all subjects in school. Our kindergarten position worksheets introduce the basic position words to our youngest students.

Above and below worksheets

By identifying the relative position of objects, students focus on “above” or “below”, and “top” or “bottom”, in these sets of worksheets.

Above or below worksheets

Practice left and right

Next, we turn our attention to learning about “left” or “right”. Again, students identify the location of one object in relation to another.

Left or right worksheets

Facing left or right worksheets

Continuing the “left” and “right” concept, students work on objects “facing left” or “facing right” in these worksheets.

Facing left or facing right worksheets

Work on the between positional concept

Students learn the meaning of “between” as they practice identifying and drawing objects in the middle of two other objects.

Between position worksheets

Before and after practice

Students practice “before” and “after” in letter and shapes worksheets in this section.

Before and after worksheets

Worksheets on inside or outside

These exercises will help students reinforce their understanding of “inside” or “outside”.

Inside or outside worksheets

In front and behind practice

Similarly, these sets of worksheets have students work on objects that are “in front” or “behind” other objects.

In front and behind worksheets

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