Paragraphs and Passages Worksheets for Kindergarten

The printables in this section focus on early reading comprehension. The first set of worksheets have students draw their answers to short texts; the second set has them write answers to short texts.

Read and color worksheets

Students read a short descriptive text that include color words. Students are asked to color the picture the color they read in the text.

Read and color worksheets

Read and draw practice

In these worksheets, students draw pictures about short texts they read.

Read and draw worksheets

Read, imagine and draw

These worksheets are like the above ones with the additional step of circling key words that inspired their pictures.

Read, imagine and draw worksheets

Read and repeat worksheets

Students read short texts and then fill in the blanks to complete sentences taken from the text.

Read and repeat worksheets

Recalling information practice

These worksheets are a little more challenging with two exercises students complete to show their comprehension of a short text.

Recalling information worksheets

Reading questions and answers

Now we are moving on to more traditional reading comprehension practice. Students read a short text and then answer a series of exercises.

Reading questions and answers worksheets

Reading and sequencing worksheets

The following worksheets contain longer texts. First, students are asked to read the text three times. Then, they are asked to number pictures in the sequence of the text.

Sequencing worksheets


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