Sentence Structure Practice for Grade 5 Students

The sentence structure worksheets can be found on our grade 5 sentences page.

Subjects and predicates practice

Students identify the subjects and predicates in sentences in these worksheets.

Subjects and predicates worksheets

Simple and complete subjects, and predicates worksheets

The focus of these worksheets is on simple and complete subjects, and simple and complete predicates.

Simple and complete subject worksheets

Simple, compound, and complex sentences

Students identify simple, compound, and complex sentences in these worksheets.

Simple, compound and complex sentences

Writing simple, compound, and complex sentences

In these worksheets, students are asked to write paragraphs with simple, compound, and complex sentences.

Write simple, compound and complex sentences

Direct objects worksheets

Students identify the direct object in sentences, as well as underline the verb, in these worksheets.

Direct objects worksheets

Practice direct and indirect objects

Next, students practice direct and indirect objects, by underlining the direct object and circling the indirect object in sentences.

Direct and indirect objects worksheets


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