Grade 3 Informative Writing Worksheets

Informative writing worksheets

Grade 3 students cover informative writing, so we have created a section dedicated to this form of writing. We emphasize the use of graphic organizers to plan out this style of writing. The worksheets are as follows:

Informative paragraph writing

Using these graphic organizers, students plan out their informative paragraph on selection of topics.

Informative paragraph writing worksheets

Practice adding facts and details

Informative writing needs lots of facts and details to support the points the author is making. These worksheets help them practice adding facts and details to their writing.

Adding facts and details to writing worksheets

Worksheets to compare and contrast paragraphs

These worksheets provide students with practice in comparing and contrasting two different things.

compare and contrast worksheets

Research practice

Students need practice in research and note taking, so we created these worksheets for them to practice this essential starting point to informative writing.

Research practice worksheets

Practice research writing

These worksheets have students work in two steps. First they focus on research and note taking; second, they write the essay.

Practice research writing worksheets

Biography writing

Biography writing is a form of informative writing. Using these worksheets, students plan out writing about an individual.

Biography writing worksheets

Informative writing prompts

The final set of worksheets cover writing prompts to write short essays.

Informative writing prompts worksheets


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