Plant Worksheets for Grade 2 Students

We’ve created dozens of worksheets for students to practice plant anatomy, their food, photosynthesis, seed dispersal, pollination, the life cycle of plants and plant habitats.

Plant anatomy worksheets

Students identify the parts of plants in these three separate worksheets.

Plant anatomy worksheets

Practice plants and food

These worksheets have students identify the parts of plants and trees we eat.

Plants and food worksheets

Plant needs

Students practice the things plants need to survive in these worksheets: sun, soil, water and air.

Plant needs worksheets

Photosynthesis worksheets

These worksheets cover the process of photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis worksheets

Plant seeds

Students practice seeds in these worksheets. There is a special worksheet on the bean seed.

Plant seeds worksheets

Seed dispersal practice 

How seeds are dispersed differ. Students match seeds to how they are dispersed.

Seed dispersal worksheets

Pollination worksheets 

Pollination is a critical part of learning about plants. These worksheets help students learn about pollination.

Pollination worksheets

Life cycle of plants

From seed to fruit, these worksheets cover the life cycle of plants.

Life cycle of plants worksheets

Practice plant habitats

In these worksheets students match plants to their habitats.

Plant habitats worksheets