Grade 2 Phonics Practice

Here are some key elements for teaching phonics to second graders.

Consonant blends and digraphs

Blends: Two or more consonants blended together, where each consonant sound is heard (e.g., bl, st, cr).

Digraphs: Two consonants that make a single sound (e.g., sh, ch, th).

Vowel teams and diphthongs

Vowel teams: Two vowels that work together to make one sound (e.g., ai in "rain," ea in "read").

Diphthongs: A complex vowel sound that begins with one vowel sound and glides into another within the same syllable (e.g., oi in "boil," ou in "out").

R-controlled vowels

When a vowel is followed by an "r," it makes a unique sound (e.g., ar in "car," er in "her," ir in "bird").

Word families

Groups of words that have a common feature or pattern (e.g., -at family: cat, hat, bat).

Grade 2 phonics worksheets

We have a new page dedicated to helping students work on phonics at the grade 2 level.

Consonant blends practice

Students circle the consonant blends for each picture in these worksheets.

Consonant blends practice

Vowel sounds worksheets

Students write the correct vowel sounds for each word listed.

Vowel sounds worksheets

Practice vowel digraphs

Next, students work on vowel digraphs, such as ie, oy and au.

Vowel digraphs worksheets

Diphthongs worksheets

Students sound out and write diphthongs in these worksheets.

Diphthongs worksheets

Working on r-controlled vowels

Students identify and write words with r-controlled vowels in two lists: bossy r or not.

r-controlled vowels worksheets

Long vowels worksheets

Students identify and complete sentences with CVCe words.

Long vowels worksheets

Practice counting syllables

The final set of worksheets asks students to count the syllables of words.

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