Graphing and Data Worksheets for Grade 1

In grade 1, students start to learn about data and graphing. To help your students practice this important math topic, we’ve created a series of worksheets for sorting, counting and tallying items, as well as reading and drawing bar graphs.

Let us take you through the worksheets.

Worksheets to sort data

In these simple worksheets, students sort items into categories.

Grade 1 sorting data worksheets

Sorting and counting practice

These worksheets take sorting to the next level. Students count the items for each category.

Grade 1 sorting and counting worksheets

Tally marks

Counting and entering tally marks is an important skill for students to learn. In these worksheets, students draw tallies, as well as count tallies and enter their numbers.

Grade 1 tally items worksheets

Worksheets to practice tallying

These worksheets incorporate sorting, tallying and writing numbers.

Grade 1 practice tally worksheets

Pictographs practice

Students learn to represent data using pictographs in these worksheets.

Grade 1 pictographs worksheets

How to create bar charts

The next step is to learn to create bar charts. These worksheets start students on that journey.

Grade 1 creating bar chart worksheets

Reading bar charts worksheets

Now that students have learned how to create a bar chart, they learn to read bar charts.

Grade 1 reading bar charts worksheets

Creating and analyzing bar graphs

In these worksheets, students combine what they have just learned. They create bar charts from tabular data and then answer questions by reading the bar graphs.

Grade 1 analyzing bar charts worksheets

Practice how to collect data

In these worksheets, students collect data based on real-world scenarios and complete the bar chart.

Grade 1 collecting data worksheets

Blank bar charts for classroom use

If you’re looking for blank bar charts for further use, look no further. Here are two versions: a portrait and a landscape version for your use.

Grade 1 blank bar charts