Easter Reading and Math Worksheets

Easter is a couple of weeks away, so we thought it was about time we create some Easter worksheets. We’ve bundled over 50 reading and math worksheets for you to download and use for free.

The bundle includes:

Tracing lines and words

For kids learning to write, we have four tracing Easter shapes and words worksheets.

Easter tracing worksheet

Letters and the alphabet

Some worksheets on writing letters and alphabetizing.


There are mazes, crosswords and word search puzzles for elementary school kids.

Easter maze worksheet


Lots of vocabulary practice with word math, word scramble, rhyming, sorting words, definition of words, as well as synonym/antonym worksheets.


A spelling section of worksheets for filling in missing letters of words, selecting the correct spelling of Easter words and word shapes.

Reading comprehension

A stories section of two Easter stories, an easy one for early readers and a more complex one for students in later grades. There are also two sequencing worksheets.

Easter story with Q&A


Five worksheets covering counting and counting out. There’s also a dot to dot worksheet.

Easter dot to dot worksheet


Worksheets on completing and coloring math patterns.


Simple math worksheets, covering color by number sums, addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Word problems

Finally, four word problem worksheets of varying difficulties.

Easter word problem worksheet

Answer sheets

Answer sheets are included on the back pages of the bundle.


We hope your kids enjoy the worksheets. Happy Easter!