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Coronavirus worksheets for kids

For parents and teachers looking for worksheets to help kids learn about the coronavirus and how to prevent the spread of the virus, we have created a set of coronavirus worksheets aimed at doing just that.

What is coronavirus?

We start off with an information sheet that simply explains what the Coronavirus is, why it’s making us sick and how our immune system fights illness.


coronavirus information

A second page contains some questions to see how well students have retained the information.


coronavirus questions

7 ways to stop the coronavirus

Next comes a sheet of bullet points on what we can do to stop the virus.


7 ways to stop the coronavirus

Wash your hands poster

We also created a wash your hands poster that you can print and put up near your wash basin to help your kids remember how to wash their hands properly. The poster is also accompanied by a series of exercises for students to complete.


wash your hands

Three habit-forming worksheets

Following are three worksheets that help young kids learn and think about:

-    What they can do to help stop the virus
-    Which actions spread germs and which actions prevent germs
-    Good habits to stop viruses


what can I do to help stop the virus?

Answer sheets are provided for all exercises.

We hope these worksheets are of use to you.

On our coronavirus page we have also posted links to trusted organizations that share information about coronavirus for families.