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Short Plays for Back to School

Now that the kids are getting back to school, teachers and parents may be looking for fun new ways to engage kids in reading in the classroom or on play dates. How about trying out a short play? We’ve added two new workbooks of plays to our bookstore to help you get yourselves organized.

To test out the plays, we have added two sample plays to our free worksheet section.

short plays page

Short Plays for grades 1-3

Our sample play for grade 1-3 students is called The Unhappy Princess. It involves 15 character parts. The play is about a princess who learns about the true meaning of happiness through the help of her family, friends and pets.

The play is accompanied by a sheet of suggested class activities as well as a series of vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing worksheets based on the story of the princess.

Short plays for grade 3-5

Our sample play for grades 3-5 is called “The mystery club and the case of the missing pearls”. It has 12 parts and is about a club of mystery solvers who are trying to solve the case of Mildred’s missing pearls. Like the other plays, this play comes with suggested class activities as well as a number of student activity worksheets.

short play sample page

We hope you enjoy using the free plays and if you want to purchase the full short plays workbooks you can find them here:

Short plays, grades 1-3
Short plays, grades 3-5