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New Grade 1 Vocabulary Worksheets

We have expanded our grade 1 vocabulary worksheets page with two new sections. These two sections include worksheets on practicing matching and writing words to pictures, context clues, and filling in missing words in sentences.

We’re also in the process of writing a vocabulary 1 workbook, which will be published to our bookstore shortly.

New worksheets added to the grade 1 vocabulary page are:

Match pictures to words

The student needs to circle the picture that matches the word on each line.


Grade 1 vocabulary worksheet match pictures to words

Match and write words

From an option of two words, the student circles the correct word that matches that picture as well as write the word on a line.


Grade 1 vocabulary worksheet match pictures to words and write the words


The student chooses the correct definition from two options for each word.


Grade 1 vocabulary worksheet choose the correct definition

Context clues

The student figures out the meaning of the word from cross-sentence clues.


Grade 1 vocabulary worksheet use of context clues


From a word bank, the student writes the correct missing word in each sentence.


Grade 1 vocabulary worksheet complete the sentence

Sentences and pictures

The student draws lines from the sentences to each picture that the sentence describes.

Grade 1 vocabulary worksheet match sentences to pictures

Other exercises covered on the grade 1 vocabulary worksheets page are word usage, synonyms, antonyms, word search, hidden letters, jumbled words and alphabetizing.