Learning for ADHD / ADD

Helping children with ADHD / ADD learn

Your child with ADHD/ADD seems to be always thinking of seven things at once. Impulsivity and distractibility affect relationships with peers, teachers, and their own learning.

Teaching kids with ADHD can be an exercise in patience, understanding, and flexibility. K5 Learning is a resource for both parents and teachers to use for reading, math and science learning worksheets and workbooks for use with their elementary school kids.

Four ways to help children with ADHD/ADD learn

The US Department of Education recommends various strategies for teaching students with ADHD, including :

1. Provide minimal choices for children with ADHD

 Too many options can be overwhelming for students who have trouble with focus. Minimize choices and distractions.  Unlike many online learning alternatives, K5 Learning provides automatic lesson selection and a simplified interface with no ads, chat, games or other distractions

2. Monitor student performance

Children with ADD/ADHD can appear to be working on a task when their mind has moved on to something different. Use gentle reminders to encourage your child to return to their work. K5 Learning's lessons have a high degree of interactivity to help keep kids focused. A helpful resource is "What ADHD Students Wish Their Teachers Knew" from the Centre for ADHD Awareness.   

3. Help children with ADHD/ADD correct their own mistakes

Your child's impulses can result in a lot of errors, and  children with ADHD/ADD can become frustrated.  Unlike traditional paper based learning, K5 Learning's lessons provide immediate feedback.  For example, many parents have found the online learning platform builds mastery of spelling conventions that traditional methods struggled with. 

4. Reduce the noise level and take shorter steps, and use assistive technology to help children with ADHD/ADD learn

It's important to minimize distractions; however, many computer based learning programs are filled with ads, games and other choices largely unrelated to the task at hand. K5 provides a highly visual media for math and language literacy using research-based techniques to capture and maintain focus in children.  Lesson segments are short (typically around 5 minutes) and the interfaces and instructions are very simple as the system is designed to be used by kids as young as 4-5 working independently. 


Kindergarten to grade 5 math, reading and science worksheets

K5 has organized thousands of math, reading and science worksheets by grade or by topic on its website, making it easy to find the worksheets you need for further study. The worksheets are free to use and you don’t need to register to use them.

Free worksheets from K5 Learning

Inexpensive math and reading workbooks

K5 also offers math and reading workbooks available as PDF downloads for more in-depth learning. Teachers and parents download and save the workbooks on their computers to allow them to print the pages as they need them. 

Parent and Teacher Reviews

Read what parents and teachers have to say about our worksheets and workbooks.