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We used to only show reviews by bloggers and education related media, but  we were really touched by the overwhelming feedback we received since COVID-19. 

We salute all the parents and teachers who have worked so hard to keep their kids' education on track!

I don't need help but I just want to say that I have NO IDEA how I  would have helped my 1st grade twins this past spring without you! Your sheets were really their primary method of learning math and they really guided me on how to explain the math concepts and to test them.  During the week I printed out two pages plus a spreadsheet of addition I made daily and it has been so helpful.  We NEVER would have made it through work-from-home (and now going into 2nd grade at home) with your site!  You SAVED US!!!   
Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!!

-- J.P.,  August 27, 2020

My kid has been learning alot from this site. I'm really glad that I found it. For years I've been looking for the perfect site for my little one to learn on and she's doing FANTASTICALLY FANTASTIC. I must say she's WAY better at math than she ever was. I'm so happy she now wants to be a scientist just like her grandmother. I love that she has already set her goals high. I'm super excited for her to keep learning on this website because she's learning AMAZINGLY AMAZING.

-- A.G.,  August 25, 2020

I'm emailing you to tell you just how much I appreciate your work and to thank you a lot for your excellent website. Since COVID-19 started and my kids stayed at home, I worried about my kids studying a lot. I started searching for something that I could print and build good skills for my kids. I found your worksheets that are excellent for my kids and exactly what I was searching for.

-- B.A.,  August 2, 2020

I would like to say my appreciation for your website, K5 Learning. I am single mother of 2 boys, Grade 6 and Grade 2, and your website help me a lot during this Covid-19 situation that kids are locked up in the house. Thank you so much and you really did a great job!

-- M.G.,  July 22, 2020

Hi, just a quick note of thanks for the excellent worksheets. I used the math worksheets for grade 4 while my son was homeschooling due to coronavirus. They were great! It made my job a LOT easier having those handy worksheets. I'm really grateful. The best part is my son learned and is ready for fifth grade. Thanks very much.

-- J.T.,  June 23, 2020

We've utilized your resources extensively and really appreciate these resources. What options do we have to say "thank you."

-- A.K.,  May 4, 2020

THank you SO much for this wonderful resource during this time for all of us non-teacher parents. These worksheets are just wonderful for 'a little more' for my kindergartner and give me wonderful ideas for creative ways to change things up for her. Her teacher provides lessons thankfully but she is bored with many or finished them quickly. These are spot in with how the children are taught and are helping me learn the teaching methods as well. Thank you for the help!

-- S.Z.,  April 29, 2020

I hope you are doing well, safe and healthy. I just want to thank us about this useful and interesting website. You have no idea how much you help me. I am so grateful for your help.

-- R.B.,  April 11, 2020

With the school closures, I've been homeschooling my son. K5 Learning worksheets have been invaluable, not just to know what content to teach him, but to have him be able to practice in a way that makes sense. I'm just messaging to say thank you so very much!!

-- K.A.,  April 3, 2020

I just wanted to take time to reach out and thank you for the wonderful website and all of the worksheets available to use for our little ones. My son is 5 and we too are stuck at home during this crazy time. Every morning I go to your website and print different worksheet in various subjects and it has been awesome and so easy to navigate around your website to find what I need. Because of all the options you provide free of use, I feel very confident and blessed that my son is getting the knowledge he needs to prepare for kindergarten! So thank you!!

-- A.B.,  March 25, 2020

I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for this website. My sons needed some extra work and I wouldn't chose another site over this one. Now that we are confined to our home and doing homeschooling, I knew this was the best place to get all of the extra material I needed for them. I will be posting about this site on my facebook page this evening to show other mothers and fathers a great place to find material. Again, a million thanks to all of you and the hard work you have put in to this site!

-- T.J.,  March 22, 2020

As a mom of a Kindergartner, I want to thank your for the free printable worksheets on your site. Many of us mom's have been struggling with continuing education in-home. Your resources have been a blessing for my family during this trying time.

-- E.P.,  March 21, 2020

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for providing such amazing resources. Homeschooling my kindergartner during the Coronavirus will be much easier thanks to these worksheets. They are appropriate, colorful and fun. Thanks, again!

-- T.I.,  March 19, 2020

Michael Zwaagstra"In order for kids to be academically successful, it is absolutely essential that they learn how to read fluently and master basic mathematics. K5 learning helps kids practice their math facts and reading skills and keeps them interested while they learn. My own children have benefited greatly from this program and I'm happy to recommend it to other parents."
 -- Michael Zwaagstra, M.Ed., public high school teacher, research fellow with the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, and co-Author of What's Wrong With Our Schools and How We Can Fix Them.


LogoA great website to keep your child on their academic toes......The site keeps your child on a structured, customized lesson plan and gradually progresses as they demonstrate a mastery of various skills......... an ideal program and a good value.

-- The National Parenting Center (founded 1989).  See full review.


photoSeriously, K5 Learning, an online reading and math program, was a lifesaver when I had to take my daughter to work in the office with me, and it’s helpful when I’m needing to get work done at home, also.  It’s easy for her to do on her own, and I can easily monitor her progress on MY site as she finishes each lesson.

-- Jane Maritz. Mother to Esme and blogger.  See full review. 


Dianne AllenWhat K5 Learning does best is harness the power of computers to individualize the level of difficulty for students as they practice essential skills in reading and math.  Initially, students are placed according to the results from an assessment rather than strictly by grade level placement.  Therefore a student advanced in one subject and possibly delayed in another will be placed appropriately in each individual area.

In addition, as students move along, the program adjusts placement according to success or the need for review.  This is called "adaptive technology" and it is especially valuable to keep students engaged. and progressing during essential skills practice.

-- Diane Allen, homeschooling consultant. 


DianeThe students all told me that they loved the program. They worked on it after school and from home. Then they wanted to use it during the school day too!

Don't let your child experience the summer learning slump! Whatever method you choose, make sure to keep up their skills and love of learning so that they will be prepared when school starts. K5learning is a engaging and interactive way to achieve that goal.


-- Diane Dahl, M.S. Ed, teacher & blogger.  See full review.


LoriHaving a program where I knew that my daughter who has special needs was actually getting to work independently was a breath of fresh air. It was really great to be able to log in later and see what lessons she completed and how well she did on them.


-- Lori, mom and blogger.  See full review.


Magazine logoAccording to the report, his math skills improved more than an entire grade level ...... if you're looking for a supplement program for your child, I would check out K5 Learning.  It is both engaging and effective.


-- The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  


AmandaI plan on recommending this program to parents of both my struggling students and my GT students this year.  That way all kids can get the extra support that they need outside of the classroom.  It's the perfect answer when parents ask, "What can I do to help?"


-- Amanda, Grade 4 teacher.  See full review.


TinaThat's another huge benefit of K5: a parent can feel confident in the pre-arranged lessons and, thus, give a child independence...or she can be directly involved in setting things up; it works either way.


-- Tina Hollenbeck, blogger and mom of 3 girls. 


Education World Logo

The ability for kids to work at their own pace, and the fact that lessons can be individualized for each student, are big pluses.

-- Education World



K5 uses the information gathered in the assessment to get [kids] started at exactly their level.  It also differentiates [the lessons] for them.... This is a great site for homeschooling parents, or even non-homeschooling parents, who simply want a supplemental resource.


-- Heidi, 1st grade teacher at an overseas American school. 



Momalogues LogoEach program is customized for each individual child. This is the beauty of the program. Your child is working at his/her very own skill level, being challenged along the way as they progress. It is an opportunity for the child to work independently and the parents can view their progress reports at any time.
This is a fabulous program for those who want their children to develop these types of study skills early on, for those who want to continue to challenge themselves and get some extra practice on their math and reading skills outside of the school environment. This program is great for your child to use during the evening or on the weekends..and of course a little over summer break.

--  Dawn, mother of two and creator of Mom-A-Logues. 



K5 is challenging for my very smart 10 year old, and he asks to do it every day. That thrills me.  What's more is that I am sent progress updates, and can enter into my separate parental log in and see his results and assessments.


-- Jenny, blogger & mother of 4. 


LogoK-5 Learning is an academic website that teaches core skills in math, reading, and spelling.... a good value for those interested in a pure academic curriculum or parents hoping to avoid the summer slide.

-- Parents' Choice Foundation (founded 1978)



Sorry Kid Blog Button

We have used some other online tutors and the colors were bright and the pages were so cluttered that it made it hard to learn, with K5 that is a non-issue. The program picks the lesson, the colors are traditional and the page is clear. The child gets to focus on the work without being concerned about everything else they need or want to do, to me that is genius. In keeping the page this way, it encourages diligence on the child's part and when walking away from the screen the child isn't overwhelmed wondering what the heck just happened.


--Ashley, blogger & mother of 5.  See full review.


K5 doesn't just look at how old your child is or what grade they are in, they offer an assessment for both math and reading, and base your child's starting point on those results. If your child is more advanced than her age, then she will be able to start at that level, if she has areas that need a boost, she'll start there. Since there are separate assessment's for math and reading, your child can be at an upper level for one and a different point for the other. It's totally child specific. This is a wonderful benefit of K5 Learning.

-- Mona Lisa Smith, Mother of two



Our everyday harvest blog logoA huge bonus is how child-friendly the program is. After giving my preschooler an introduction to the program, he was able to work independently through most of the lessons. Each lesson even comes with a warm up to show him how to complete the next assignment.  This allowed him to get some educational time in, while I was nearby doing other household tasks - a win-win for the both of us!


-- Kelly, Mom, coffee lover, bookworm and blogger.  See full review.


JillOverall, I found this to be a very thorough, well thought out program. It is very academic in nature, yet still retains a “fun” atmosphere which engages kids to want to play.

-- Jill Clark, mother of two & blogger.  See full review.


Mumfection BlogA price definitely worth it when it comes to the unlimited education it can provide, and insight.  I bet using such promising programs and keeping your kids in practice of always applying their school learned lessons, would actually lower costs for possible tutors in the future.  I wouldn't even doubt it.  Since my little man is entering Kindergarten soon all I can think about is giving him a HUGE head-start, hopefully this way it comes easier rather than harder, it is all about those first lessons right?

-- Eschelle, mother of two & blogger. 


DebbieWhat I like about the site is that, while it is fun and engaging for the kids, it is not a game based learning site.  There are no ads or distractions from the focus on learning.  The kids can't click to choose only their favorite topics, it's all chosen for them, progressing them as they learn;  this is something I particularly love, because in the past with educational gaming sites we've had issues for the kids to stay on the task I had set out for them to do.


-- Debbie, blogger and mother of 3.  See full review.



This is not a site made up of games and entertainment. These are real lessons, created to improve vocabulary, speed, and comprehension.Laurie and kids

The hard work has essentially been taken care of for you, the parent. It's rather simple for a child to navigate through the subjects, tests and assessments are provided, all while tailoring the lessons to each student's ability.
Should you feel the need to adjust the lessons to make them more or less difficult, that too can be arranged ;)  We have found it to be a nice enrichment to reinforce our current program, and it has really improved my older daughter's speed ( in Math) particularly.

-- Laurie Gauger, mother of two, homeschooler and blogger.  See full review.


JenniferWe really enjoyed using this program.  Like I've mentioned before we have a daughter who has many learning disabilities.  She struggles with pretty much all aspects of learning.  She would sit for hours using this program.  Many of the vocabulary words were difficult for her.  Even the ones in the early grades.  But she was still determined to move through the lessons.  I liked that there isn't a lot of "hoopla" within the program.  Sometimes this becomes overwhelming for kids with learning disabilities.  There is an even amount of "fun" within the program.  In between the lessons the kids can play some pretty neat games.

-- Jennifer Brandes, mother of two.



ChristineI think K5 Learning is a great online Reading and Math program, especially if your child is a visual learner and enjoys online programs.  The Assessment test is a wonderful tool to use to see your child's strengths and weaknesses and the results are easy to understand. 

Thoughts of an 8-Year Old:  I like K5 Learning's characters and fun games.  In the vocabulary lessons, I like the Cool Character Club and the new vocab charts.  The Cool Character Club's characters include Aiko, Winston, and more!  Too bad we can't keep K5 learning, because I really, really like it! 

-- Christine T., mother of one and blogger.  See full review.


Laura's kidsThe kids each had their own log in and they worked on their own individual lesson plans. I liked that they could do this independently. Abbie, my kindergartener, has experience with the mouse, and she was able to work through her lessons completely on her own, following the directions and clicking on the answers. At one point, she was getting a little frustrated because she seemed to be doing the same lessons over and over. I sent an email to K5 and was promptly responded to. I am talking same day response (that was nice!) The email explained that she simply wasn't getting enough correct answers to move on. I liked that because we have had some experiences in the past where the kids were moved on in a program whether they were getting correct answers or not.

The kids thoroughly LOVED this program. They begged daily for K5 time and only stopped when I told them they were done. Each day they worked on math and reading and then worked on their math facts. Their hard work in this area was rewarded not only with games, but with a chart showing them their progress.

-- Laura Hoggard, mother of four, homeschooler and blogger.  See full review.



I really like programs that allow you to fit the program to the child's needs. That's what K5 Learning allowed us to do and it has really benefited Joshua because of that.

Joshua has Asperger's syndrome, which is on the autism spectrum. One of the typical problems with many Asperger's kids is that they don't understand things like idioms and inferences. It's hard for them to "read between the lines" so to speak. Since K5 Learning allows you to pick out the different areas that you want your child to focus on, I chose all of the reading comprehension lessons from drawing conclusions to context clues to cause and effect to getting the main idea. You name it, if it involved reading comprehension that's what I assigned to him. Joshua really enjoyed the lessons with the modern "hip" characters. And, I really liked it because, although the characters were a little more modern and different than some programs use, they weren't disrespectful or they didn't say anything inappropriate or weren't dressed inappropriately.

-- Tim, father of three & blogger.  See full review.


Homeschoolmath.netK5Learning provides an assessment test to get you started, and detailed progress reports. I liked the fact that the parent/teacher can assign the student specific lessons from ANY grade level offered in the program. Thus, if your student is ahead his/her grade level in English, but needs remediation in some math topic, you can choose a higher or lower level lessons for him/her.

-- Maria Miller, founder of


Ruth JetsonThe reason I love it is because my 7-year-old can be independent with it.  It's just him and Rosie Jetson working out the math facts. I mean, I'm not all for robots replacing us as mothers,'s nice having Rosie Jetson's help with his homework sometimes. Lord knows she's horrible at helping me out around the house.  The least she can do is help step up his reading skills.


-- Kelley, speech pathologist and blogger.  See full review.


JCWe noticed a HUGE improvement in their math skills ...... Its a new program but being new does not take away from the effectiveness of the program. They’re more edu-centric than most online programs but they are still fun and engaging for the kids. I love the fact that we can monitor the kids’ progress without keeping an eye on them all the time. The site is easy to navigate and kids(5 and 6) never really had a hard time navigating it. In fact, they managed to learn the ins and outs on their very first day.


-- JC, writer, web designer and mom.


A Timeout for Mommy Logo


[After using K5,] his teacher even noticed that he was more focused in school and he had less anxiety during work time in his class room.


-- Sarah, mother of 3 and contributing writer at A Time Out for Mommy.  See full review.



In the reading section it was refreshing that it focused on the child’s level not the grade level.  It was perfectly challenging for him and not frustrating.  He was also able to work independently on these lessons without much help from me.

-- Michelle Fisher, mother of two


take it logoI think the big difference with this program versus others is the outstanding educational value.  It has a clear emphasis on curricula based education.  There are no games, entertainment, etc.  It also has great assessments and monitoring for both the children and parents, which I liked.  If you are looking for a serious education-focused program, it is definitely the way to go!


-- Kristin, mother of two and blogger 



Simply StacieThe program is engaging and my children look forward to their daily lessons. In fact, my 1st grade son consistently requests to use K5 Learning versus many of his other web based options. I also appreciate that while the program is designed so that the child works independently, I have access to comprehensive reports that give me detailed information about my child’s progress.

I also like that I don’t have to worry about any disruptive advertisements or external links so I can feel confident when my children are completing their reading, math and spelling work.

-- Maureen, a stay at home mom with 3 kids, See full review.


Sarah's familyI also appreciate that there wasn’t any chat features, outside ads or links to other websites in this product.  My children are social and if these were included I can guarantee they would have been using those features.

This is great for parents who are busy or who don’t want to be overseeing their child’s work – since K5 Learning does it – the monitoring, lessons, and even reports.  The child works independently unless the parent needs to increase the timing of a program – which is good for the child who doesn’t get frustrated easily at the computer or sidetracked.  These are full lessons, not just review, and there are over 3,000 tutorials and activities available on this fully online site.

-- Sarah Bailey, mother of four


Instead of simple phonics, we met Dr. Kumar as she journeyed to prehistoric times. She has a delightful accent! I was pleasantly intrigued by her explanation of syllables. She has fresh, new techniques & her animated character is not, in any way, ‘cartoony’. She was helpful, but not condescending. He appreciated that. ...

Altogether, I feel this program deserves an A+. It is not intimidating for a struggling student. Its animation is fun, but not corny with humor. The characters used are informative & real.


-- Devotedmommyof3, mother of 3 boys.


K5 Learning allows Dietrich to do school work while I focus attention on Madilynn or take care of laundry or cooking. Angela

I don’t rely 100% on K5 Learning to do the job of teaching my child, but I am thankful that I finally found a tool that restores some balance to our school days and decreases the arguing about school exponentially!


-- Angela, Social Worker and mother of two.  See full review.



Another great feature about K5 Learning is no games, tokens or other rewards need to be “earned” .  It is refreshing to have the creators of an online learning program realize that all the “bells & whistles” are not needed to motivate learning. Learning itself is a great motivator as well as parental encouragement.


- Sharon, mother of 7 and blogger.  See full review.


HeatherI liked that it was not a bunch of time-consuming "fluff." Every lesson was obviously tied to a useful objective. The lessons were not random, they were very structured and goal-oriented. As a family, we have tried quite a few online programs, and I have to say that this one is the most solid. I discovered that I prefer that completing lessons is not tied to playing games (that was distracting). My kids are happy just doing the learning activities. They don't need more games.

-- Heather Drinkwater, mother of five, homeschooler and blogger.  Read full review.




I actually use this on my son who is 3 1/2. He LOVES it. He asks if he can do his "Lessons" almost daily. What I love is how simple it is to navigate. I can leave him totally on his own.


--  Erinn, mother of 3 boys and blogger.