Study Skills

Study Skills for Kids

Study skills are an area of learning that is often overlooked. Helping our children understand the right way to study is essential for their success. 

Here's a collection of articles that focus on study skills for kids.  Some focus on test preparation, others on study skills tips and yet other articles focus on specific subjects, such as math study skills or spelling study skills.


Helping your Child Study for a Math Test

Math is for many kids the one subject that causes the most anxiety and a math test will elevate that fear of failure.  Her are some things parents can do to help their child prepare for their upcoming math test.


Help your kids study for math test


Helping your Child Study for a Spelling Test

Weekly spelling tests are a staple of every elementary curriculum.  For kids who struggle with reading and writing, these tests add to their anxiety. Here are some practical tips for acing those spelling tests.


Spelling test


Helping your Child Study for a Writing Test

Here are a few methods to consider in helping your child improve their reading comprehension and essay writing skills in preparation for writing tests.


Help with writing test


Helping your Child Prepare for a Test

Here are some simple, practical tips on how to help your child prepare for test day.


Help with test day


Helping your Child Learn How to Take a Test

Here are some skills you can teach your child that will help them approach their test the best way.


Tools to help your kids study


Children Should Learn the Right Study Techniques

Here's a study that points to what study techniques students need to use to learn most effectively.


Correct study techniques


5 Things Parents can do to Help Their Child Establish Excellent Study Skills

We provide some tips for parents to change their child’s learning experience for the better and gain back some family harmony.


Parents can help the kids gain great study skills