Helping your Child Prepare for a Test

How do you prepare for a test?  How do you help your child conquer their nerves and anxieties association with taking tests and exams? Today, we continue our series of how to tips for helping your child study for tests in different subject matters. 

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Taking your time and preparing well in advance is the best way to help your child approach the big test day.  You don’t want your child to go into the test too tired, worn out or just too nervous to do his or her best.  You want to make sure they are mentally and physically prepared for the task at hand.

Here are some simple, practical tips on how to help your child prepare for test day.

The Week Before

Clear time to review. Use some of the methods we outlined in earlier blog posts to learn the concepts and facts.

Early in the week, take a practice test, or two, or three.  Make sure you review with your child any areas he or she may have had trouble with. Practice pacing themselves and learn to review their answers to double-check them.

Ease up toward the end of the week. Don’t have your child wear himself or herself out or get too stressed. Cramming the night before the test won’t help them.

Three Days Before the Test

Have your child re-read the key textbook chapters or review the concepts taught, and go over their notes and practice tests.

Two Days Before the Test

Sit with your child to have them recite the key points out loud – have them explain the concepts and key points to you in their own words to make sure you know they have learned them.

The Night Before the Test

The night before the test, help your child gather everything that he or she will need the next day. This could include pencils, erasers, any special equipment needed for a math test, and a watch to help them pace themselves during the test. 

Get lots of rest, make them go to bed on time to ensure they are rested for the big day. 

Pack a healthy snack to eat before the test. You can’t have their tummies grumbling during the test.

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