Gifted Education

Let K5 help with your gifted child's education

Is your child capable of working well ahead of his class? Is she gifted? Gifted children can work through our printable worksheets and workbooks at their own level and their own pace.  Put the boredom behind and let your kids challenge themselves.  


Gifted children should work at their skill level, not grade level

Currently our worksheets covers kindergarten to grade 5 (grade 6 for math) and our workbooks kindergarten to grade 5 (grade 7 for math). Our material is typically suitable for gifted kids in a younger age range (pre-k to grade 3/4).


Kindergarten to grade 5 math and reading worksheets

K5 has thousands of printable math and reading worksheets organized by grade or by topic, making it easy for you to find the worksheets your child needs for further study. The worksheets are free to use and you don’t need to register to use them.


Reading and math worksheets from K5

Inexpensive math and reading workbooks

K5 also offers math and reading workbooks available as PDF downloads for more in-depth learning. Teachers and parents download and save the workbooks on their computers to allow them to print the pages as they need them. 

Parent and Teacher Reviews

Read what parents and teachers have to say about our worksheets and workbooks.