K5 Learning Blog

K5 Learning provides free worksheets and other materials for kids in kindergarten to grade 5.

K5 update

For young students needing spelling practice worksheets, we’ve created a whole new section covering grade 1 spelling words.

Math help

What happens when you multiply a positive number with a negative number? What happens when you multiply two negative numbers? Let us explain.

K5 update

Solving crosswords is an enjoyable and engaging way for students to learn new words. We’ve organized our crosswords for grades 1 - 5 into one easy to access page.

Learning resources

Understanding size comparison provides young students with important mathematical, language and life skills. We help them practice comparing sizes with these worksheets.

Reading help

Teaching your kids to read is an important and exciting milestone in their development. Here are some practical tips for parents to help teach their kids to read.

Grammar help

Possessive pronouns (my, your, our) and independent possessive pronouns (mine, yours, ours) are words that we use to show ownership or possession. They help us talk about things that belong to someone.

Science help

The egg in a bottle science experiment is a classic demonstration of the principles of air pressure. You can do this one at home with your kids.

Math help

Rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100 can be introduced to grade 2 students using simple and visual examples. We suggest this approach.

K5 update

As parents we want to help our kids learn to manage their emotions, establish positive relationship and make responsible decisions. We’ve created several pages of social and emotional (SEL) worksheets for practice.

Tips & worksheets

Learning to sort and classify objects helps kids develop their memory, attention, and problem-solving skills. We have created a series of worksheets for preschool and kindergarten students work on sorting.