Vocabulary Cards for Word Recognition

An engaging way to help young students acquire words is to have them cut images and paste them above words. That’s exactly what our new section of vocabulary cards has students practice.

Calendar words

As an example, let’s look at our three sets of calendar words.

Words of the months

The first set has students practice the months. The first page contains the pictures for students to cut out.

Calendar vocabulary cards

The second page contains spaces for students to paste the pictures above the correct words.

Calendar vocabulary cards

The third page is an answer page, as well as a handy vocabulary words sheet for teachers and parents to use with their kids.

Calendar vocabulary cards

Days of the week words

The second set of calendar words covers days of the week.

Calendar vocabulary cards

Seasons words

The final set of vocabulary words on this page covers the seasons.

Calendar vocabulary cards

Other categories of words

There are several categories of vocabulary words for students to practice, including:

  • Animal words
  • Food words
  • Nature words
  • Jobs words
  • Space words
  • Sports and activity words
  • Calendar words
  • Construction words
  • Toy words
  • Transportation words
  • Beach and festival words
  • Home and school words
  • Body parts words
  • Clothing words
  • Music words Color words
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