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New Printing and Tracing Letters Workbook

We’re lacking in workbooks for kindergarten students in our bookstore, but we are doing something about it. Today, K5 published the first of a series of new workbooks for kindergarten. It’s a letters workbook focused on learning to trace and print the letters A to Z, understanding upper and lowercase letters, and putting letters in alphabetical order.

Let’s show you how some of the pages look.

Letters A to Z worksheets

Here’s what the letter A worksheets look like. Each letter has four worksheets dedicated to learning that letter, starting with tracing and printing the letters A and a:

Trace and print letter A


Trace and print letter a 
Following are two exercises that focus on learning about the letter. These exercises vary across the workbook. Here are the two worksheets for the letter a:
Find letter A worksheet


Words that start with a

After the A – Z letters section, there are two further sections.

Upper and lowercase letters

There are several different sections of upper and lowercase letters. Among them are worksheets that focus on the tricky letters, such as b and d:


tricky letters b and d


Alphabetical Order

The final section focuses on putting letters in alphabetical order. Here’s one of those worksheets:

Letters in alphabetical order