There is or There are in Sentences

When to use “there is”

We use “there is” when the noun in the sentence is singular.

For example:

There is a tree in our garden.

There is a cat under the bed.

 We also use “there is” for uncountable nouns.

For example:

There is gravy on your shirt.

There is milk on the table.

When to use “there are”

We use “there are” when the noun in the sentence is plural.

For example:

There are four flowers in the vase.

There are cookies in the jar.

Do you use the same rules for negative sentences?

Yes, you do use the same singular and noun rules for “there is” and “there are” in negative sentences.

For example:

There is not one cloud in the sky.

There are no eggs left in the fridge.

There is or There are in sentences

There is and there are in sentences

In our vocabulary section we have a set of six worksheets for students to insert “is” or “are” in sentences.

Practice there is or there are in sentences