Subjects, Objects and Predicates Explained


The subject of a sentence is the entity that performs the action described by the verb or is being described in the sentence. It is usually a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase that indicates who or what the sentence is about. In simpler terms, the subject tells you who or what is doing something in the sentence.

For example:

"John ate the cake." (The subject is "John.")

"The cat is sleeping." (The subject is "The cat.")

"They are running." (The subject is "They.")


The object is the noun, pronoun, or noun phrase that receives the action of the verb or is affected by the action. Not all sentences have objects, but in those that do, the object typically follows the verb and completes the predicate. Objects can be direct objects, which directly receive the action of the verb, or indirect objects, which are affected by the action indirectly.

Direct Object: It receives the action of the verb directly.

For example: "John ate the cake." (The direct object is "the cake.")

Indirect Object: It indirectly receives the action of the verb, often preceded by a preposition like "to" or "for."

For example: "John gave the cake to Mary." (The indirect object is "Mary.")


The predicate is the part of the sentence that contains the verb and provides information about the subject. It usually consists of the verb along with any other words that modify or complete the action or state expressed by the verb. In essence, the predicate tells us something about the subject or what the subject is doing.

For example:

"John ate the cake." (The predicate is "ate the cake.")

"The cat is sleeping." (The predicate is "is sleeping.")

"They are running." (The predicate is "are running.")

Subjects, objects and predicates worksheets

In our grade 4 grammar section we have several exercises for students to practice subjects, objects and predicates.

Practice simple and complete subjects

Students identify simple and complete subjects in these worksheets. 

Simple and complete subjects worksheets

Subjects and predicates worksheets

In these worksheets, students identify the subjects and predicates in sentences.

Subjects and predicates worksheets

Subject, predicate or sentence

Students decide whether each phrase is a subject, a predicate or a sentence in these worksheets.

Subject, predicate or sentence worksheets

Missing subjects and predicates

In these worksheets, the sentences need a subject and a predicate. Students are asked to fix the sentences.

Missing subjects and predicates worksheets

Writing subjects and predicates

Students write sentences based on an image. They are then asked to identify the subjects and predicates.

Writing subjects and predicates worksheets

Practice compound subjects and predicates

In these exercises, students are asked to identify multiple subjects and predicates.

Compound subjects and predicates worksheets

Identify direct objects

In these final set of worksheets, students are asked to circle the direct objects in sentences.

Identify direct objects worksheets
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