Characters, Setting and Story Plot

Elementary school students start to learn about story elements in reading comprehension.

What are the elements of a story?

In short, the elements are:

  1. Characters
  2. Setting
  3. plot
  4. Conflict
  5. Theme
  6. Point of view
  7. Tone
  8. Style

In grades 1 and 2 students learn about characters, setting and the story plot.

What are the characters of a story?

The characters are the people, animals or anything personified that the story is about. Writers focus on introducing the character with enough information about their physical attributes and personality traits that the reader can visualize that character in their mind. Every story should have at least one main character. The main character is the one who determines the way the plot develops and usually resolves the problem or conflict of the story.

What’s the setting of a story?

The setting is the location of the story. Writers picture the scene in enough detail so that the reader can picture the scene as they read the story.

What’s the main plot of a story?

The plot consists of the events that happen in the story. The plot should have a clear introduction, rising action, a climax, and a resolution. It should provide enough descriptions for the reader to engage with the story, which means providing suspense and conflict that is resolved at the end of the story.

Grade 1 worksheets to practice characters, setting and plot

We’ve created nine worksheets for grade 1 students to practice these story elements.

Grade 1 story elements worksheets

Practice characters, setting and plot for grade 2 students

Our grade 2 worksheets have students practice the beginning, middle and ending elements of a story.

Grade 2 story elements worksheets