States of Matter Worksheets

What is matter?

In short, matter is everything around you. By definition, matter is any substance that has mass and takes up space by having volume.

What is states of matter?

Matter usually exists in one of three states: solid, liquid or gas.

For example, ice is a solid, water is a liquid and steam is a gas.

In changing states, the atoms and molecules don’t change, but they way they move does.

For example: water is made of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom; these combined atoms are called water molecules.

Solid water is called ice. This is water with the lowest energy and temperature. The molecules are held tightly together and don’t move easily.

In liquid form we call it water. The water molecules are looser and can move about easily.

In gas form we call water steam or vapor. When water boils it turns into steam. These molecules are looser and move faster than liquid molecules.

The molecules don’t change through these states, but the way they move does. Matter changes state when more energy is added to it. That energy is often added in the form of heat or pressure.

Grade 2 states of matter worksheets

In our grade 2 science section, we have a series of worksheets for students to practice states of matter.

States of matter definitions

The first worksheet has students working on the definitions of states of matter.

States of matter definitions worksheet

Sorting states of matter worksheets

Following are a couple of worksheets where students sort images into solid, liquid or gas.

States of matter worksheet

States of water worksheet

The final worksheet has students work on a specific example: the states of matter of water.

States of matter - water example worksheet