Spelling worksheets for grades 1 to 5

grade 1 spelling page

We’ve added a whole new section to our free worksheet center. The new section focuses on spelling exercises for grades 1 to 5. Each page starts with  lists of spelling words for each grade, categorized by the sight words and family words for each curriculum.

The rest of the pages include a number of different exercises, aimed at improving your child’s spelling skills. They include worksheets with jumbled words, missing letters, word links, word searches, hidden words, crosswords and many more.

Grade level spelling worksheets

You can find the free spelling worksheets on the following pages:

First Grade Spelling Worksheets

Second Grade Spelling Worksheets

Third Grade Spelling Worksheets

Fourth Grade Spelling Worksheets

Fifth Grade Spelling Worksheets

For those of you who want a more comprehensive set of worksheets, take a look at our spelling workbooks in our eBookstore.