Selecting Correctly Spelled Words Worksheets

In our spelling section, we have created a series of spelling challenge worksheets that ask students to identify the correctly spelled word among a set of words of different spellings. Two of the words are misspelled, and one is the correctly spelled word.

Grade 1 correct spelling practice

Students are given clues to work out which word is spelled correctly from an option of three words. The worksheets are grouped by topic.

Grade 1 spelling challenge


Spelling challenge at grade 2 level

These worksheets are similar to the grade 1 level worksheets. Students are given three different spelling options to choose from.

Grade 2 spelling challenge

Grade 3 spelling challenge worksheets

At the grade 3 level, we don’t provide clues to the words. Students now select the correct word, and then rewrite it on the line provided.

Grade 3 spelling challenge

Spot the correctly spelled words for grade 4

The words in these spelling challenge worksheets are grouped by topic covering grade 4 level words.

Grade 4 spelling challenge

Grade 5 spelling challenge practice

Students select the correctly spelled words, then cover the worksheet and write the word on the line provided.

Grade 5 spelling challenge


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