Social and Emotional Learning Worksheets

Social and emotional learning (SEL) aims to help kids navigate social interactions, handle challenges, and succeed in life and academically. In our kindergarten section, we’ve created a whole new sub-section that focuses on SEL.

Feelings and emotions worksheets

Looking at 2-D and 3-D facial expressions, students have to determine the emotions shown.

Feelings and emotions worksheets

Practice self-awareness

These worksheets help students focus on their own emotions, feelings, likes and dislikes.

Self-awareness worksheets

Self-control worksheets

Students practice the cause and effect of self-discipline in these worksheets.

Self-control worksheets

Learning social skills

Next, students study how their actions affect other people.

Social skills worksheets

Good manners

These tracing worksheets help reinforce good manners. A set of coloring worksheets are also provided.

Good manners worksheets

Friendship and conflict resolution

Conflict resolution is an important skill for students to learn. This set of worksheets focus on building good friendships and how to make peace after you fight.

Friendship and conflict resolution worksheets

Mindfulness practice

These simple mindfulness exercises ask students to be aware of themselves and their environment.

Mindfulness worksheets

Social and emotional stories

In these SEL exercises, kids read stories and answer questions about how to best resolve the challenges.

Social and emotional stories

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