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Learning about Shades of Meaning in Vocabulary

The English language is chock full of words that are distinguished from one another by subtle differences.

Take the words ‘fast’ and ‘quick’, for example.  Both words have to do with moving, but one is distinguished by moving at high speed, whereas the other by moving or doing something in a short time. 

To learn the rich vocabulary of English, students in elementary school study the shades of meaning of groups of words. This helps them to better express themselves in both their oral presentations and writing.

We’ve created shades of meaning worksheets for grade 2 and grade 3 students.

Grade 2 shades of meaning worksheets

In grade 2, we introduce students to the understanding that words of similar meaning can be grouped together.
grade 2 shades of meaning worksheets

Grade 3 worksheets on categorizing similar words

In grade 3, students work on the classifying the groups of words from the strongest to weakest meanings.
grade 3 shades of meaning worksheets

You may also be interested in having your children practice homophones, multiple meaning words and compound words. You can find worksheets on these topics in our grade 2 vocabulary section.