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K5 Adds Answers to Reading Comprehension Stories

You asked and we listened.

By request, we have now added answers to all our reading comprehension worksheets.

We’ve also organized the grade-level reading comprehension stories. Over time, as we added more stories, it was getting harder to navigate these sections.

For each grade, we have arranged the reading comprehension pages as follows:

reading comprehension pages
New answer sheets and exercises

In the above third grade example, you’ll find four sections:

  • The leveled stories: these are stories taken from our reading comprehension workbooks and range in difficulty from A to Z from kindergarten to grade 5.
  • The children’s stories: these are stories ranging from 350 – 450 words. These worksheets have been spruced up and we have added answer sheets to each story.
  • The fables and historical reading worksheets. These have also been improved on and now have answer sheets attached to them.
  • A brand new section - reading comprehension exercises: a brand new section of exercises relevant to reading comprehension, covering topics such as
  • compare and contrast,
  • main ideas and supporting details,
  • sequencing,
  • story elements,
  • cause and effect,
  • fact vs. opinion,
  • and prediction worksheets.

Stories with new answer sheets

Let us show you an example of one of the stories with an answer sheets.

On the grade 3 page for children’s stories, you’ll find one story called Max’s Good Habit. As you can see, we have changed the layout and added more appealing pictures to the story:
reading comprehension story

reading comprehension story 
Following each story, we have added the reading comprehension questions.

reading comprehension questions
Finally, we’ve added a page of answers.

reading comprehension answers

New reading comprehension exercises

As we mentioned above, we have also added a new section covering curricula-based reading comprehension topics. Here’s an example of one of those exercises, covering ‘compare and contrast’:
reading comprehension exercise

reading comprehension exercise 
All reading comprehension exercises also have accompanying answer sheets:
reading comprehension answers 

We hope you find it easier to use and navigate the reading comprehension worksheets sections.