New Classroom Management Tools in Member Center

We’ve added two new bundles of classroom management forms that teachers can use in their classroom and parents can use at home.

Templates for projects forms

Project tools for kids

We’ve created nine different forms to help students work through all the stages of group projects:

  • Project proposal: a form to outline the project idea, including the project description, objectives, activities to be completed and resources needed.
  • Project hypothesis: a form for students to work through the hypothesis of science project.
  • Project outline: for students to detail their group project, this is a form that they can keep returning to make sure they stay on track.
  • Project plan: a sheet for the students to divide up the tasks and assign them to each group member.
  • Project tools and resources: a sheet to detail the supplies and tools they need for the project.
  • Project research: this form helps students decide what research is needed and who will take each piece on.
  • Project work log: a form to help students track their group progress.
  • Self-evaluation for group project: once the project is completed, this form lets students evaluate their own performances in the project ….
  • Group evaluation: … evaluate the group overall.

Templates for classroom behavior

Behavior management tools

These tools will help set the rules for student behavior in the classroom, be it at school or home for remote learning, homeschooling or homework after school.

  • Class rules: a poster for class rules.
  • Voice levels: a poster describing the levels of voices students can use in the classroom.
  • Behavior contract: a student-led contract for the teacher/parent and student to agree on.
  • Weekly point sheet: a form to help the student and teacher/parent follow and reward good behavior from day to day.
  • Incident report: a report for the student to fill in when an incident happens.
  • Problem solving report: a report for students to fill in to help them work through a behavior problem.

Suggest a tool

If there are any tools you’d like us to add to our member center, please get in touch with us.