Explaining the Object of a Prepositional Phrase

What is a prepositional phrase?

Before we get to the object, let’s revisit what a prepositional phrase is. A prepositional phrase is a grammatical construct in which a preposition and its associated object work together to provide additional information about the relationship between other parts of a sentence. Prepositional phrases often answer questions about location, time, direction, manner, or other aspects of an action or situation.

What is the object of a prepositional phrase?

The object of a prepositional phrase is a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase that directly follows a preposition and provides additional information about the relationship between that preposition and the rest of the sentence. Prepositional phrases are made up of two main components: the preposition itself and its object.

This will become clearer with a few examples:

On the table: In this phrase, "on" is the preposition, and "table" is the object. This phrase provides information about the location of something.

With a smile: Here, "with" is the preposition, and "a smile" is the object. This phrase offers insight into the manner in which an action is being carried out.

After the movie: In this example, "after" is the preposition, and "the movie" is the object. This phrase gives a sense of the timing of an event.

Worksheets to practice prepositional phrases and objects

In our grade 4 grammar section we have a series of worksheets for students to practice identifying the prepositional phrases and their objects.

Prepositional phrases and their objects worksheets

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