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New Kindergarten Worksheets and Sections

We are constantly working on improving our free K5 worksheet center. Over the last few weeks we have been putting our efforts into the kindergarten section.

As we’ve added a bigger variety of worksheets, we’ve also re-organized this whole section. Let us show you.

If you come from our main worksheet page, click on kindergarten worksheets.

Free worksheets
This will take you to our main kindergarten worksheet page. You’ll see a new section called early writing. We’ve also beefed up all our other reading sections with new worksheets, creating a greater variety of practice worksheets.
kindergarten pages
When you pick a section, you’ll see we have created a new organization for our worksheets. As we have added new sections and more worksheets, we’ve added a new page with sub-sections of worksheets. 

Let’s pick words/vocabulary as an example. Here you’ll see the sub-pages for kindergarten words/vocabulary. You’ll also see our left-hand navigation opening up with the sub-pages, which will be useful when you want to navigate to other pages within the same section.
kindergarten vocabulary page

Now, it’s easier to see what you want to practice. Let’s pick one of our brand new sections of worksheets: the multiple meaning words. Here you are getting close to the actual worksheets, so we’ve decided to give you an overview of what all our multiple meaning worksheets look like in images. That way you won’t have to keep bouncing back and forth to find the kind of multiple meaning words worksheet you are looking for.
multiple meaning words worksheet
Let’s say you like the look of the second set – matching the homonyms.  You click on that page and there you have your set of worksheets. You’ll see on these pages we have added a breadcrumb for easier navigation. We know a lot of you come straight from google search into these pages, so we’re giving you the option to navigate up into our other pages via these breadcrumbs.
matching homonyms

Finally, here are the new sections and worksheets you’ll find in our kindergarten worksheets section.

Letters section – letters and words worksheets
Sounds and phonics – more worksheets added to our consonants and vowels sections, as well as a new section of worksheets on phonemes.
Words/vocabulary – entirely new sections added: plural words, multiple meaning words and question words.
Reading comprehension – we’ve added more worksheets to our previous sections and added new worksheets on writing events in sequence and stories followed by simple questions and answers.
The early writing section is completely new.

Next, we are turning our attention to our shapes and colors, and simple math sections.