More Grade 1 Vocabulary Worksheets

We found some gaps in our vocabulary worksheets pages and have started to fill them. We've just completed the grade 1 worksheets and over the next few weeks you'll see further sections added to grade 2 to 5.

The new worksheets added to the grade 1 vocabulary page are:

Categorizing words

Students work on how to sort words into categories.

sorting words

We've also added two new sections: suffixes, and root words and word endings.


Students are asked to underline the suffix and circle the root word.


Identify suffixes

These worksheets give students two choices to pick the correct suffix to complete each sentence.

identify suffixes

The second new section deals with root words and the word endings -ed and -ing.

Root words

Students are given a word and asked to write the suffix and then the root word for each word.

root words

Words ending with -ing

These worksheets have students adding the -ing ending to root words.

words ending with -ing

Words ending with -ed

Students are asked to change root words to words ending in -ed (past tense verbs).

words ending with -ed

We hope you find these new worksheets of use.