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New Grade 4 Vocabulary Worksheets and Workbook

We’ve improved our grade 4 vocabulary worksheets page as well as published a new vocabulary 4 workbook in our bookstore.

We believe that the more vocabulary words students know, the better they are able to comprehend, speak, listen and write. Therefore, we are focusing our efforts on building out our library of vocabulary worksheets and workbooks.

New worksheets added to our vocabulary 4 page are:

Grade 4 vocabulary worksheet applying meaningsThe meaning of words

A group of worksheets that focus on helping students identify and apply words, to match phrases and to use context clues.











Grade 4 vocabulary worksheet replace words in sentencesSentences and paragraphs

We have added worksheets where students need to select the correct word in each sentence, and to fill out missing words in short stories.













We’ve also updated our vocabulary and word usage, word lists, and synonyms and antonyms sections.

grade 4 vocabulary bookGrade 4 vocabulary workbook


You’ll also find a new workbook in our bookstore that focuses on vocabulary for grade 4.