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New Grade 2 and 3 Vocabulary Worksheets

We’ve added new vocabulary worksheets to our grade 2 and grade 3 sections focusing on affixes (prefixes and suffixes),  non-literal meanings of words (idioms and similes) and shades of meanings of similar words.

Grade 2 vocabulary pages

The new grade 2 vocabulary pages focus on affixes:


Students work on deciphering prefixes and root words.

Grade 2 Vocabulary Worksheet - prefixes
Identify prefixes

Students are given two options to choose the correct prefix.

Grade 2 Vocabulary Worksheet - identify prefixes

Students have to underline the suffix and circle the root word.

Grade 2 Vocabulary Worksheet - suffixes
Identify suffixes

These worksheets provide two suffix options to choose from to complete each sentence.

Grade 2 Vocabulary Worksheet - identify suffixes
Grade 3 vocabulary pagesDissect the words

With these worksheets students learn to define prefixes, suffixes and root words, as well as the new words created.

Grade 3 vocabulary worksheet define the prefix and suffix
Define the words

Building on the previous set of worksheets, students spend time on the definitions of prefix and suffix words.

Grade 3 Vocabulary Worksheet define the affix words
Next, we’ve added three sets of worksheets on non-literal meanings of words: idioms and similes.


This is a set of matching worksheets, where students have to draw a line from the idiom to its figurative meaning.

Grade 3 vocabulary worksheet idioms

Students are asked to circle the simile in each sentence.

Grade 3 Vocabulary Worksheet similes
Simile sentences

These worksheets are missing the last word in the simile phrase. Students have to select the correct word from a word bank to complete each sentence.

Grade 3 Vocabulary Worksheet simile sentences
Shades of meaning

Finally, we’ve added another set of worksheets to our synonyms and antonyms category. This set focuses on the shades of meanings of similar words, asking students to identify and categorize words by their shades of meaning – either from strong to weak, or weak to strong.

Grade 3 Vocabulary Worksheet shades of meaning