Activities to Teach the Meaning of Multiplication

Repeated addition

Begin by explaining that multiplication is a quicker way of doing repeated addition.

Use concrete examples: Show three groups of four objects (3 groups of 4) and count the total. Relate it to 3 × 4.


Introduce the idea of arrays as a visual representation of multiplication. Arrange objects in rows and columns to show multiplication.

For example, use a grid of apples with 3 rows and 4 columns to represent 3 × 4.

Skip counting

Practice skip counting by multiples. For 3 × 4, count by threes (3, 6, 9, 12).

Use a number line or songs that involve skip counting.

Real-life scenarios

Relate multiplication to everyday situations. For instance, if each child in your family has 4 markers, and there are 3 kids, how many markers in total?

Manipulatives and games

Use manipulatives like counters, cubes, or drawings to demonstrate multiplication problems.

Play games like "Multiplication Bingo" or "Multiplication War" to make learning fun.

Word problems

Present multiplication through word problems. This helps in connecting the concept to real-life situations.

For instance, "If each pizza has 8 slices, and there are 4 pizzas, how many slices in total?"

Interactive technology

Use interactive tools, educational apps, or online games that focus on multiplication.

Incorporate educational videos or animations to reinforce the concept.


Encourage students to create drawings or visual representations to illustrate multiplication problems.

Multiplication worksheets

We have several sets of worksheets to help students practice the meaning of multiplication.

Meaning of multiplication sentences

Students are given illustrated problems to count groups of identical objects to help them solve these simple multiplication problems.

Meaning of multiplication worksheets

Multiplication sentences and arrays practice

We introduce kids to arrays in these worksheets to help them understand multiplication.

Multiplication sentences and arrays worksheets

Multiple with arrays

Students are presented with grids to draw arrays and them solve the multiplication problems in these worksheets.

Arrays multiplication worksheets

Draw and multiply with arrays worksheets

Next, students draw arrays of boxes to solve multiplication problems.

Draw and multiply with arrays worksheets

Multiplication using a number line

The final set of worksheets has students practice skip counting on a number line to solve the multiplication problems.

Multiplying using a number line worksheets

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