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More Grade 5 Vocabulary Worksheets

We have added several new worksheets to our grade 5 vocabulary page. The worksheets cover prefix, affixes, homographs, idioms, proverbs, similes and metaphors.
Here’s an overview of our new worksheets:

Prefix and suffix words

Students practice prefix and suffix words appropriate for grade 5 in these two sets of worksheets.

Define the words

Students are provided with a prefix or suffix and have to write three words using that affix. They are then asked to use their understanding of the affix to write the meanings of each of those three words.

Affix words grade 5

Dissect the words

In these worksheets, students are given an affix and a root word and asked to combine them. Then they need to write the meanings of the affix, the root word and the new word.

grade 5 prefix suffix words


There are two sets of worksheets to practice homographs.

Select the homograph

These worksheets provide sentences with homograph words. Students are asked to select the correct meaning of the homograph word using context clues.

grade 5 homographs

Homograph definitions

Each homograph has two definitions in these worksheets. Students are asked to draw lines from the homograph word to its two definitions.

grade 5 homograph definitions

Similes and metaphors

These worksheets contain simile and metaphor sentences. Students have to determine if the sentence is a simile or a metaphor.

grade 5 similes and metaphors


These worksheets ask for an explanation of each metaphor.

grade 5 metaphors

Proverbs or idioms

Similar to the similes and metaphor worksheets, students have to mark each sentence as a proverb or an idiom.

Proverb or idioms grade 5 vocabulary


Students are given a word bank and have to fill the proverb sentences with the missing words.

grade 5 proverbs worksheets