New K5 Learning Membership Program

We’re thrilled to unveil our new membership program. Premium members will now gain new worksheets options, save themselves time when using our worksheets, skip ads and support our efforts to deliver math, reading and science materials to kids in kindergarten to grade 5.

Member benefits

We have created the member program for customers who want to:

Separate question and answer sheets


Separate the questions and answers pages.


Removed grade levels from worksheets


Remove the grade levels at the top of the worksheets.


Share worksheets to Google Classroom


Share individual worksheet PDFs directly to Google Classroom


Complete worksheet sets in one download


Download complete sets of worksheets.


Preview worksheets availability


Preview all worksheets.


No ads for members


Have an ad-free experience.


New member area

This is how the member area looks once you’re signed up.

The member section sits below the publicly available worksheets for each page.

Member area of K5 Learning

You now have the options to use worksheets with the grade-level removed, preview the worksheets, separate the questions and answers pages and share the individual worksheets to Google Classroom.

Options for K5 Learning members

You’ll also see the option to download the entire set of worksheets on that page.

Finally, there are no ads on the member pages, so you’ll have less distraction and faster page loads.

No ads for members of K5 Learning

Member center

Further to these options, we’ve also created a member center where you will find content that is exclusive to members. These include:

K5 Learning membership program


Special member announcements.


Bundles for members


Bundles of worksheets, such as specific Holidays, tracing and printing the letters of the alphabet and cursive letter joins, words and passages bundles.


K5 Learning member center


Tools, such as a daily reading log, calendars, graph paper and number lines bundles, as well as tools for narrative, persuasive, and expository writing.


Member cost

The cost of membership is $24 per year for families or individual teachers or $264 per year for a school-wide license.

7-day cancellation period

There is a 7-day cancellation period in which you can try out the membership program. If you cancel your account within the seven days, you will not be charged for the membership.

To get started, sign up here.