Videos Solve Math Problems in Less Than One Minute

It’s Sunday night and Keysha is struggling with her math homework. There’s a math problem she’s been stuck on a while now, and you’re having trouble teaching her the math concept in a way that she understands it. What you’d really like is a short 60 second video that clearly and succinctly shows her how to solve the problem.

K5 Learning math videos

With that scenario in mind, we’re creating math videos for elementary school math problems. Our videos have no long introductions or long-winded explanations. They are intentionally short and made to get straight to the point - to help you review a math problem and for your child to learn how to solve that math problem in less than 60 seconds.

To begin with, we’ve created a series of addition and subtraction videos. We’ll continue to add more videos across all math topics.

Addition videos

In our math video section., we’ve posted videos on 2- and 3-digit addition. Many of them focus on regrouping.

Here’s our video on adding 3-digit numbers with regrouping, for example:

Subtraction videos

Our current subtraction videos cover subtracting 2-, 3- and 4-digit numbers with and without borrowing/regrouping.

As an example, here’s our video on subtracting 2-digit numbers, with regrouping.

Links to math worksheets

Each video page provides a link to the relevant math worksheets on our site for students to practice the concept covered in the video.

Math worksheets linked on every math video page