Order of Operations Math Drill Practice

The math drill worksheets in this section cover the order of operations for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, as well as worksheets covering exponents.

Add and subtract with parenthesis worksheets

This area covers adding and subtracting 3-4 terms with parenthesis, and a more difficult set of worksheets with 5 and more terms with parenthesis.

The below worksheet covers addition and subtraction of 3 terms with parenthesis.

Add and subtract 3- 4 terms with parenthesis worksheets

Four operations with parenthesis practice

The next section covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with parenthesis. The sets of worksheets vary in degree of difficult in starting with 3 terms, then 4 terms and finally 5 terms, all without and with parenthesis.

The below worksheet covers 4 terms with no parenthesis.

4 operations with parenthesis worksheets

Practice exponents and parentheses with four operations

This final sub-section covers both parentheses and exponents in worksheet with all four operations. Again, they vary in difficulty, starting with 3 terms, then 4 terms and finally 5 terms.

The below worksheet covers 5 terms with exponents and no parenthesis. Further worksheets cover both parentheses and exponents.

Exponents and parenthesis worksheets