Action and Linking Verbs

We are familiar with most verbs being “action words”.

For example:

I went to the store. I played soccer in the park.

Linking verbs are different from action words.

What are linking verbs?

Linking verbs connect a subject and further information about that subject.

The verb ‘to be’ (am, is, are, was, were) is the most common linking verb.

For example:

The car is red.

More linking verbs

The verbs “to become” and “to seem” are also linking verbs.

For example:

I have become weary of all your complaining.

The new girl seems like a friendly person.

Here are the most common linking verbs with examples:

Common linking verbs and examples

Action or linking verb worksheets

In our grade 4 grammar section, we have a series of worksheets where students have to determine if the verb in each sentence is an action verb or a linking verb.

Action or linking verbs worksheets