Frog and Butterfly Life Cycle Activities and Worksheets

In early elementary, usually grade 1 or 2, students learn about the life cycles of frogs and butterflies. To learn about this science concept, we’ve created a couple of activities that your students may enjoy.

Frog and butterfly spinning wheels

Print out these activity sheets below. They are PDF files.

Then have your students cut out the two circles along the black edges. Then cut out the wedges.

Here comes the thinking part. The students will need to glue the wedges onto the bottom numbered circle in order of the life cycle.

Once dried, put the top circle with the wedge cut into it (and the title on the spinning wheel) on top of the bottom circle.

Use a paper fastener to secure the two circles to each other.

Now the students can view the entire life cycle of each animal by spinning the wheel.

Frog life cycle spinning wheel

In this activity, students learn about the life cycle of the frog.

Frog life cycle activity

Butterfly life cycle spinning wheel

This spinning wheel activity focuses on the life cycle of the butterfly.

Butterfly life cycle activity

Grade 1 animal life cycle worksheets

Once you’ve had fun putting the spinning wheels together, why not try your hand at our animal life cycle worksheets.

Animal life cycle worksheets