New Lesson Planning Templates in Member Center

We’ve added a new new bundle of lesson planning forms to our member center that teachers can use in their classroom and parents can use at home.

Templates for lesson planning

Lesson plan forms

We’ve created seven different forms to help teachers and parents in planning their lessons:

  • Simple lesson plan: a one-page plan for outlining the lesson goals, materials needed, an outline of the lesson, the structure/activities to include and take-home tasks.
  • Weekly lesson plan: a one-page day by day lesson planner with a space for corresponding curriculum standards.
  • Single unit lesson plan: another one-page planner for single unit lessons, taking teachers through the planning stages for one lesson.
  • Common core lesson plan: a longer two-page template for planning a common core lesson.
  • Backwards lesson plan: a detailed template for the three-step backwards plan.
  • Design an experiment: a template to help teachers and parents design an experiment, taking into consideration the independent and dependent variables.
  • Team meeting notes: a one-page template for notetaking at team meetings.

Suggest a tool

If there are any tools you’d like us to add to our member center, please get in touch with us.