Writing Prompts Practice for Kindergarten Students

Students practice writing prompts throughout elementary school. These writing prompts worksheets help the youngest students practice their writing styles.

Labelling worksheets

In this section, we ease into writing with a set of labelling worksheets. Some of the worksheets have letter hints and others don’t.

Label pictures worksheets

Explanatory writing prompts

We have three sets of explanatory writing worksheets in this section. We start with “how to” worksheets, followed by “All about” worksheets, and finally a set of write your own subject worksheets.

Explanatory writing prompts

Opinion writing prompts

These sets of worksheets encourage students to write and draw pictures to describe what they think. The first set of worksheets cover favorite things, the second set are “do you prefer” worksheets and the final set is blank for parents and teachers to create their own opinion writing prompts.

Opinion writing prompts worksheets

Narrative writing prompts

These narrative writing prompts worksheets allow students to write and illustrate short stories. As with all other categories, a blank version is also provided for parents and teachers to create narrative writing prompts.

Narrative writing prompts worksheets

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