K5 Adds Tracing Workbook to Bookstore

We’re continuing to fill the gaps in our kindergarten offering in our bookstore. Our tracing workbook is intended for kids who are ready to start to learn to write. By learning to trace simple lines, curves, circles and shapes, younger kids work their fine motor skills in preparation for learning to write letters and numbers.

Tracing workbook

Kindergarten tracing workbook

This workbook focuses on:

  • tracing vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines
  • tracing curves and circles,
  • tracing shapes,
  • and a select number of worksheets to trace letters and numbers.

Tracing worksheets

The workbook includes several worksheets per practice category.

This worksheet has students practice different lines in helping the bugs reach their destinations.

Tracing lines worksheet

This shower worksheet asks students to practice diagonal lines.

Tracing diagonal lines worksheet

Students work on rounded lines in this snail worksheet.

Tracing curves worksheet

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